mercoledì 15 dicembre 2010

Jason Collett Rat A Tat Tat

Uscito vari mesi fa, Rat A Tat Tat conferma tutte le qualità dimostrate da Jason Collet nel precedente Here's to being here (un concetto chiaro direi). Un autore ironico e mai troppo ambizioso, cosa che nell'ambiente musicale porta a un discreto calo di interesse da parte dei media, un artista di altissimo livello e di basso profilo, in pratica può andare a spasso con il mitico Grant-Lee Phillips.

In the golden age of love's architecture
Shakespear was lying drunk in a ditch
scribbling out his rapture
or getting his pocket picked

he said, love is the subscribtion
passion's what its worth
greed is a conviction
love's a dirty word
you get hung and you get hurted
love is a dirty word

from a bird's eye view you can see it
It's sublime and it's absurd
you can buy it and you can sell it
but nobody's figured out how to make it work

you can talk about it like a lawyer
you can call it a crush
but in the end it's all buried treasure
underneath the mud
it brings down to earth
love is a dirty world

down the snakes and up the ladders
black eyed Mona is my cructh
the mission bell warned me of disaster
but I'm still waiting on the sucker punch

love is a dirty word
you get blind and you get burned
you get hung and you get hurt
but it brings you down to earth

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