martedì 13 agosto 2013

Bandcamp Music ITALY

Bandcamp is a free subscrition site for artists and music fans:
Here you can find the most exciting new music in the world: it's not a manner of speaking, but a hard truth... I'm a bandcamp addict...

Logan Vath
Sam Hart and his cats (not only the black one!)
Uniform Motion
Gerard and The Watchmen
Phenomenal Cats
and my first Bancamp friend:
Sam Pickering Pick
these are just a few names of the artists I met:
Here's the Bandcamp tokonoma in my library:
Because artists are not only great musicians, but very kind people, they like to thank each single supporter/fan. So I've got a lot of mails and some letters...
And these albums
are all signed by artists.

There are projects that lead to beautiful artworks like this one (by Phenomenal Cat):
and a lot of things you can discover only through Bandcamp (sign for free and look for your music: acoustic, rock, pop, metal, hip-pop, folk and so on).

In Bandcamp you can find the true meaning of music like art, so if you love music and you don't search new artists through Bandcamp: you're not so in love with music...
There's only one choice! Take a breath and have a seat here with a good book and beautiful music:
(right side: Sam Hart's black cat in a picture)*

Forgive me: Epilogues, French for Rabbits, Joy of Painting and all the artists you can find here:
Many thanks to all of you.

*There was a horrible book in this library, now it is in the garbage (the book by J. Dicker, of course)

5 commenti:

Ben ha detto...

A great pleasure! Thanks!

Richatrd Walters ha detto...

This is great!
I can see Regret Less in your collection!

Sam Pickering Pick ha detto...

This is a very sweet and unexpected treat - thank you for including me in your blog! I enjoyed reading it, and it made me want to go back to Bandcamp to try and discover some more musicians today.

Thanks again - I hope you are well!


Logan ha detto...

Love the level of support you have for independent artists, it's really incredible to see someone so passionate about it all.

Matt ha detto...

Very cool, Enzo!

By the way, I'l be shipping your CDs out early next week with all of our pre-orders. Thanks again for the support!